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I’m Shirley, and I created Innergetics decades before "mindful eating". Since the publication of my first book, Inner Eating (Thomas Nelson) in 1991, I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 10,000 clients on their weight loss journeys. I have also had over four decades to refine Innergetics and make it a much more comprehensive, holistic solution than mindful eating alone.

What Innergetics offers that no other plan has are tools that allow you to take a conscious, structured approach, so that you have more control over when you start and stop eating.
Every baby is born knowing how to do this.

Innergetics helps us recover that knowledge. Clients who adhere to this simple process not only lose weight but keep it off permanently. And they do it from a sense of abundance and respect for the body, rather than through deprivation and willpower.

Innergetics will help you regain the true joy of eating. It will teach you how to tune in to your body and feed it what it needs, each and every time you eat.

Achieve and Maintain Your Natural Weight with The Innergetics Process

The Innergetics process is an optimal yet structured way to reach and maintain your natural weight. You don’t need to count calories or cut out your favorite foods. Instead, you gradually learn to heed your body’s messages.

Hear from those who have discovered
the solution to disordered eating. 

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Write your awesome label here.
Weight loss is not about what you lose, but what you gain.
With Innergetics, a process that is more than a diet consultation and
works on mind-body-emotions, you’ll lighten up on every level of being.

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I felt out of control around food most of the time. I tried to break the habit so many times but nothing I tried worked. Then my partner introduced me to Shirley and her Innergetics process. It was very different than anything I had come across before, but it felt right. Shirley turned out to be an amazing counselor and guide! Shirley gave me the understanding, tools, and techniques I need to successfully transform my perspective on eating. She taught me how to create realistic structure and better boundaries around eating so that I can better monitor my food intake. What I love about her approach is that I never feel I have to deprive myself and no food is taboo. 
Thanks to Shirley and Innergetics, which is a very doable process, I am now more conscious in the moment about how much more control over when I stop eating. I no longer consume everything in sight. Shirley helped me discover what it was that drove me to eat in the past. I believe Innergetics is prescient and revolutionary in the weight management field. This program is exactly what’s needed at a time when so many of us are seeking self-acceptance, self-growth, and spiritual evolution. I wholeheartedly recommend Shirley’s work! If you’ve struggled throughout your life with chronic overeating and tried and tried to stop this behavior, like I have, Innergetics is your guiding light!
My first conversation with Shirley Billigmeier had an impact that forever changed my life.  At the time, I looked like the picture of health on the outside.  I was a triathlete, bodybuilder, personal trainer, aerobics instructor and participated in many sports and dance.  In reality, I was over exercising to the point of destroying my body.  What appeared to be a ‘healthy lifestyle’ was a cover-up for an obsession with eating and exercising.  It was killing me and my body was breaking down.  Through Shirley’s process I learned to identify and respect the messages of my body and fully recover.  Shirley’s ability to guide, give useful tools and heal has been a miracle for all areas of my life including relationships and work.  The path to wholeness started the day I met Shirley, awakening my mind and body to the true meaning of health and well-being.

I was a size 16 when I met Shirley.  I had tried many ways to lose weight – Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, and The Zone- and I got temporary results but nothing ever stuck.  I’d lose weight, then it would come right back on.  With Shirley, the weight loss has been permanent and the fear of regaining is gone.  In addition, my overall health has improved (e.g. my cholesterol has decreased 42 points without drugs).  I learned the process so well that even when I had foot surgery and was confined to bed for three weeks, I didn’t gain an ounce.  My body reduced my hunger levels and I ate only what my body needed.  Recently, I learned some refinements in Innergetics and I slimmed down further to the point where I wear a size 6.  This has changed my life.  I am so much happier with myself, my life and my body.  I am very grateful to Shirley.

I’ve been a health books writer since 1988, the year Rodale Press hired me as lead writer for a very successful book on mind-body medicine.  Since then, I’ve worked with many of the leading lights in the health and wellness field.  I’ve heard many theories over the years about why we gain weight and how best to slim down to our optimal weight.  Some of these folks, to their credit, had a least part of the answer right.  I believe that Shirley Billigmeier’s system, Innergetics, is in complete alignment with nature, and has a completeness and spiritual depth that no other weight management process has. 

Thanks to what I have learned from her, I have been able to clear from my psyche fear that if I, a survivor of multiple rapes, allowed my body to be beautiful, I would be attacked again.  If I had not been using the Innergetics process, I might never have encountered that block and moved through it.  Once I met that fear head on and challenged it, I transformed from a woman stuck in a body that was slightly overweight , as a protection, into a woman unafraid  to allow her natural beauty to shine through.  I am very confident that Innergetics will help me reach my ideal weight, even though as I write this, I am in my fifth decade of life and my metabolism has clearly slowed down.

Achieve Your Natural Weight

Are you prepared to embark on a journey towards achieving your natural weight, and beyond, by mastering the art of balancing your mind, body, and emotions?

The Innergetics process is now available through an online, self-paced course. It's more than a diet consultation. This program guides you through a 6-week journey of self-discovery where you gain the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your natural weight.
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Inner Eating is Shirley Billigmeier's revolutionary book that introduced the world to the Innergetics system. This 285-page digital book is packed with valuable information to  reach and maintain your natural weight. Inner Eating is a gift from Shirley to help you on your journey to a better relationship with food.
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