40 Years of Success

The Innergetics Program has been helping clients achieve and maintain their natural weight by learning to listen to their body and enjoying food again for over 40 years
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Some of Our Success Stories

Innergtics is the missing piece. It's the answer for that "thing" you've been carrying around within you, that you so want to understand, but we don't get there, if we run away from what resistance appears and give up on recording. The reward comes from finally recording and being ready for what comes up. So I stuck with it, learning, learning, learning. It has been fascinating and so healing. My relationship with food is healed. So it has been absolutely worth, every effort and every tear and the time its taken, it couldn't have been any other way.

I again, cannot express enough, the importance of recording, putting that pen to paper. That recording card is your friend, it is your gentle mirror, it is your case study's friend and mirror. It's the most perfect, respectful way of seeing through the layers to one's own behaviors and what drives them. So you can understand, turn them around, and heal them.

Shirley Billigmeier, you are phenomenal! Now I am hungry and ready to eat, peacefully, with joy and appreciation, and I already have some delicious food waiting for me, and I cannot wait to truly enjoy it, with my glass of delicious red wine.
  - Jessie
I’ve been a health books writer since 1988, the year Rodale Press hired me as lead writer for a very successful book on mind-body medicine. Since then, I’ve worked with many of the leading lights in the health and wellness field. I’ve heard many theories over the years about why we gain weight and how best to slim down to our optimal weight. Some of these folks, to their credit, had a least part of the answer right.

I believe that Shirley Billigmeier’s system, Innergetics, is in complete alignment with nature, and has a completeness and spiritual depth that no other weight management process has. Thanks to what I have learned from her, I have been able to clear from my psyche fear that if I, a survivor of multiple rapes, allowed my body to be beautiful, I would be attacked again. If I had not been using the Innergetics process, I might never have encountered that block and moved through it. Once I met that fear head on and challenged it, I transformed from a woman stuck in a body that was slightly overweight, as a protection, into a woman unafraid to allow her natural beauty to shine through. I am very confident that Innergetics will help me reach my ideal weight, even though as I write this, I am in my fifth decade of life and my metabolism has clearly slowed down.
- Deborah
I met Shirley in the most serendipitous of ways, standing in line to see the Steve Colbert show in New York City. I was at a pinnacle of frustration about my lifetime obsession with food. I had to find a different answer than trying the latest fad, which never worked. I grew up with a mother who was grossly obese. Food was my sole source of connection and nurturing. My earliest memory of me was at age 3 waiting for the box of Chocolate Cocoa Puffs to reach me after my six other siblings served themselves. 

After meeting Shirley, I quickly understood that a connection with nutrition, food, or eating could be as natural as breathing. Food and stress were one and the same for me. The chaos of 7 children, 2 parents, and 3 dogs overwhelmed any chance I ever had to have the natural and easy connection with food we are born with. I have that relationship now after working with Shirley. I call Shirley’s approach ‘learning to eat again from the inside out.’ I credit her coaching for helping me reconnect with the inner guidance I was born with. As I say now, food is one of a thousand choices I have for pleasure and connection, not my only choice!
- James
Shirley Billigmeier is a genius. She has helped more than 10,000 clients to re-frame their relationships with food. Her Innergetics Process works from the inside out; she will never tell you what to eat or when. Instead, she gives you tools to connect to your own body — essentially, to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re feeling balanced. In the process, as you discover the power of choice, you will begin to dredge up and understand whatever feelings you have been submerging with food. Weight loss is merely a byproduct (though, in my case, a most welcome one).

Shirley gives her clients concrete ways to keep track of eating occasions and offers advice on how to turn old patterns around. Key to her process is re-framing paralysis into what she calls “action steps,” so clients can begin to move into their lives without the numbing effects of over-eating or over-drinking.

I grew up the eldest of four children in a career Air Force family (we were drafted at birth). Appearances were everything to my parents because what we looked like reflected on them. Between 1966 and 1969 we were transferred four times, from Bedford, England; to Montgomery, Alabama; to San Diego, California; to Anchorage, Alaska. Not exactly across town. I learned to use food as comfort, food as love, and each time we moved, I ate more. My ballooning size horrified my parents, and my father, in a misguided attempt to “toughen me up” began a years-long campaign to shame me into losing weight. For me, high school was the equivalent of three years at boot camp. Some 50 years of psychotherapy have done little to heal the scars from what I now realize was emotional abuse. More insightful than any of my therapists, Shirley has helped me get to the bottom of what she would say has been driving my bus since I was 18. Her program is all about choice and respect. When you connect to your gut brain and uncover feelings you’ve been smothering with food, you can begin to understand your old beliefs and turn them around. My new mantra is, “That was then/this is now.” I’ve lost 70+ pounds working with Shirley, and — I regard this as far more significant — I’ve stopped seeing myself as a victim and now accept that I am in charge of and responsible for my own life. Thank you, Shirley.
- Kit
I felt out of control around food most of the time. I tried to break the habit so many times but nothing I tried worked. Then my partner introduced me to Shirley and her Innergetics process. It was very different than anything I had come across before, but it felt right. Shirley turned out to be an amazing counselor and guide! Shirley gave me the understanding, tools, and techniques I needed to successfully transform my perspective on eating. She taught me how to create realistic structure and better boundaries around eating so that I can better monitor my food intake. What I love about her approach is that I never feel I have to deprive myself and no food is taboo.

Thanks to Shirley and Innergetics, which is a very doable process, I am now more conscious in the moment and have much more control over when I stop eating. I no longer consume everything in sight. Shirley helped me discover what it was that drove me to eat in the past. I believe Innergetics is prescient and revolutionary in the weight management field. This program is exactly what’s needed at a time when so many of us are seeking self-acceptance, self-growth, and spiritual evolution. I wholeheartedly recommend Shirley’s work! If you’ve struggled throughout your life with chronic overeating and tried and tried to stop this behavior like I have, Innergetics is your guiding light!
- Ed

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The Innergetics program is based on Shirley Billigmeier's groundbreaking book.  

Inner Eating

The process of Inner Eating is at once an elegant gift to the reader, and a very personal process of reclamation of self by the reader, in which she or he identifies and then pares away all the issues irrelevant to food. But more than that, it’s a revolutionary concept in the field of weight loss, control, and eating disorders. It is not a diet. It requires no rituals or meetings.

Inner Eating is a gift from Shirley to help you on your journey to a better relationship with food.
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