Meet Our Certified Innergetics Coaches

Our dedicated coaches are committed to assisting you in achieving your natural weight by guiding you through the process of balancing your mind, body, and emotions. With each coach possessing a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives, you can expect personalized and comprehensive support on your journey.

Jan Niemand

South Africa

Jan Niemand is an executive coach and consultant who obtained his PHD in conceptual metaphor theory and its application in dealing with collective (and personal) trauma. He was involved in higher education for 6 years prior to establishing Rescript Consulting. Rescript is a consultation house that provides coaching training, personal and executive coaching. Rescript also consults on Strategic HR, team and organizational development, and wellness.

Sue Lester


Mindset coach Sue Lester works with individuals, teams and audiences across the globe, creating lasting behavioral change through unconscious blueprint™ optimization and mindset shifts. Sue loves clearing “head trash” and pain for stressed or overstretched professional and business women.

Since 2007 Sue has qualified in and utilizes numerous powerful change modalities including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, RESULTS Coaching, mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques). In 2017 she found the “missing piece” and in 2018 became a Certified Innergetics Coach. Innergetics is about learning to re-connect to your inner wisdom, to “come home”, and in doing so release any unwanted fat storage.

Stella Litton

United Kingdom

Stella is a holistic practitioner based in the UK. She believes that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and that when one part of this system is not at ease, calm, and balanced, it affects our health, well-being, happiness, and life. Stella's journey into holistic healing led her to train in massage, reiki energy healing, mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques), and most recently the science of Innergetics.

Jessie Rose

United Kingdom

Jessie Rose is a UK based and international Innergetics Coach, and a Relationship Breakthrough Coach. She specializes in Relationships, and believes the key to a healthy life, healthy abundant experiences and relationships, with self and others, all begins with the relationship we all have with ourselves.

Jessie sees the Innergetics method as a deep and profound process in reestablishing a deep rooted, sound and safe relationship with ourselves again, allowing us to re-emerge in our life and in the world, as our authentic self. Healed, and our own therapist. 

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