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Innergetics: Reach and Maintain Your Natural Weight

Innergetics teaches you an optimal yet structured way to reach and maintain your natural weight. You don’t need to count calories or cut out your favorite foods. Instead, you gradually learn to heed you body’s messages.
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Innovative Approach to Eating

Innergetics is unlike any other program. You will get results without having to count calories

Learn from the Author

Shirley Billigmeier created Innergetics and will share her 40+ years of experience in the Innergetics program


Handouts, worksheets, and simulations provide opportunities to practice and apply what you learn


Support from professional coaches throughout your learning journey provide  advice and support
Meet the instructor

Shirley Billigmeier

I’m Shirley, and I created Innergetics decades before mindful eating. Since the publication of my first book, Inner Eating (Thomas Nelson) in 1991, I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of clients on their weight loss journeys. I have also had nearly three decades to refine Innergetics and make it a much more comprehensive, holistic solution than mindful eating alone. What Innergetics offers that no other plan has are tools that allow you to take a conscious, structured approach, so that you have more control over when you start and stop eating.

Every baby is born knowing how to do this. Innergetics helps us recover that knowledge. Clients who adhere to this simple process not only lose weight but keep it off permanently. And they do it from a sense of abundance and respect for the body, rather than through deprivation and willpower.

Innergetics will help you regain the true joy of eating. It will teach you how to tune in to your body and feed it what it needs, each and every time you eat.
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