Why Would I Sign Up Now? The Holidays Are Here!

Dec 14
This is the time to sign up because you can eat whatever you want! There are absolutely no restrictions. It is important that you choose what you want so you never feel deprived.

But when I eat what I want, I can’t stop! 

You all have the ability to start and stop eating. Think of infants. They know when they are hungry and they know when they are no longer hungry. And when they want to stop, they may spit it out, close their little lips tight or turn their heads to say no more! They have a very strong desire to stop eating! They don’t care about nutrition or their diaper size. They simply want to stop eating. And since we were all an infant at one point in time, we all have the ability to start when we are hungry and stop when we are no longer hungry. Our eating boundaries have simply been interfered with over the years. Innergetics will guide you to remove the interference and allow the natural boundaries of the body to surface.   

What if I am always hungry? 

Not every feeling below the neck is hunger. Through the Innergetics process, you will learn what is hunger and what has interfered with hunger. You will discover all the external messages that were given to you that overrode your natural desire to stop eating when you were no longer hungry.

But what do I do if I know I am not hungry and I still want to eat? 

That desire to eat when not hungry has a ton of information in it. You will slowly begin to unravel the mystery behind why you have such a magnetism to eat when you thought you had made the decision to not eat for whatever reason but still find yourself in the refrigerator. You will begin to be curious what lies within that magnetism. It becomes an interesting game and you will begin to love the journey of discovery. 

How do I even start to learn if I have no idea when I am hungry and am sure I will keep eating when I eat my favorite foods? 

The first part of the process is to always sit before you decide to eat. Why is that so important? The natural boundaries of eating have been interfered with so there needs to be a conscious knowing that you are eating. Since you consciously know when you are sitting, you will then have a concrete tool (sitting) knowing that you are eating. So sitting is the first action of the process to start unraveling why our eating boundaries became so complex when we owned them at birth.

Do I keep track of the foods I eat? 

No What you decide to eat is yours and your alone. Whoever owns the choice owns the power. You decide what you choose to eat so you are empowered as you move through the process. But you do need to keep track of each eating occasion and note if you remembered to sit. And every bit of food counts - whether it’s a nibble, a snack or a meal. All the food is going into your body. Your body always knows when the food is there! That is what you keep track of throughout the day. Hence, the recording card which will be explained in detail throughout the process. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Just remember to sit before you eat. 

What if I forget to sit before I eat? Have I failed? 

There is no failure in this process, only learning. There is as much information to be learned when you forget to sit and record as there is when you remember. The recording card is not a report card. It is a picture of all the times you made the decision to eat. And by sitting you are starting the process of having clarity of your start and stop of your eating. And, believe it or not, there will be days you will simply to forget to record at all. It is a learning process of beginning to remove the interference that caused a magnetism to eating when not hungry and overeating.   

But what if I overeat and feel miserable? Haven’t I failed? 

No, again you will discover through the process that there are a multitude of tools to help you understand why you would want to keep eating and yet feel miserable when you are finished. You will begin to open up all the other four pleasure senses (sound, touch, sight and smell) along with your own thoughts and actions to gradually replace the food you kept eating that made you feel miserable. And guess what? When you eat less, you will weigh less! But you will never feel deprived of food in the process. This is all about a pleasure-based process. The only food that is removed is the food that is eaten that makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. When you overeat, do you truly remember how good the food tasted or are you feeling the uncomfortableness of the extra food? With this process, you will be able to enjoy your food (taste) in addition to feeling good within your body when you are finished and have a wonderful memory of the food. And you know you can eat the food again when you are hungry. This process allows you to feel completely pleasant when you start eating, while you are eating and when you have finished eating. The mindful eating was always meant to give you pleasure and energy when hungry. It was never meant to make you feel guilty or miserable. The Innergetics Process will guide you to recapture that forgotten joy!   
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