How Can I Possibly Lose Weight and Be Healthy If Nobody is Telling Me What to Eat?

I remember speaking at a National Convention when a participant came up to me. She said, “Your philosophy really makes sense to me. In my profession, adults pay me to tell them what to eat. Yet when I would try to get my two-year-old to eat what I wanted him to, there would be a struggle. I hated having a battle with food. So I quit interfering and let him eat what he wanted to. What was amazing to me was that when I stopped forcing him to eat according to my instructions, he ended up choosing a wider variety of foods. The battle was over and now I understand why!”
This is what has happened to our society.

There has been so much interference in our food decisions that we have lost confidence in our ability to choose what we want to eat. Yet no one else is living in your body. How can anyone else know how the food feels to you? How can anyone else feel your hunger? When you go to a doctor and he/she asks how you feel, how do you know whether you’ve been making those decisions about what sustains your life — your own food choices?

So how did this fear of making your own decisions about food develop? Maybe you have tried several diets, lost the weight, and when you started making your own choices, the pounds came right back on? Maybe you have read so many research articles about what is healthy and what is not that your head is spinning while you try to follow all the rules. And then the rules keep changing!

The research isn’t wrong — experts have the statistics to prove their own results. Yet why do the rules keep changing? Think about who they are studying: different groups of people. One group may be affected by the food one way and another group a different way. What if the research says shrimp is healthy and good for you but when you eat it, you break out? Is it healthy for you? So, who really is the final authority on what foods are right for you? You!

Or maybe as a child you were always told what you could and couldn’t eat, so you lost that ability early on. All or some of these reasons may have developed a strong fear within you about making your own choices about the food you eat.

Would you believe that the answer to calming those fears lies in making and trusting your own choices? Discover why this is key to recapturing the forgotten joy of eating through the Innergetics Process.

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