I Am Feeling Miserable! I Just Want to Eat!

And in that moment, it does work. But when you turn to food when you are not hungry, your eating becomes out of order. Your body is sending a message that you need to address something; this is where the unraveling starts.

When your body sent messages in the past — which may have been whispers of discomfort or just dull feelings that you wanted to avoid — you decided to eat instead of addressing the message. Now your mind and body have set up a new neural pathway of handling the message. You ate first and either did something to address the situation or avoided it all together.

How do you create the new pathway, where your eating starts on the path of being in order? The next time, you feel that desire to eat, your first questions to yourself will be, “Am I hungry?” If you are not hungry, ask yourself, “What am I not wanting to feel?” You may be avoiding a task you don’t want to perform or maybe you’re upset about a situation.

If you’re avoiding a task, write down what you need to do. Then break it up into small steppingstones of action. If you eat, your desire to do something about the task has been addressed by getting the food and eating it. If you put your eating back in order, your desire to move may go away, or you might usethat wanting to eat to jump-start the action you were avoiding.

These are just several of many insights you will discover by signing up for the Innergetics Course. However, the desire to understand and resolve your eating that is out of order needs to come from within you. The tools are available.

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