I Don't Have Time to Just Sit and Eat

I hear this many times when participants have begun the process. If you have not yet started, try it yourself for a day or two. If you are a nibbler and/or an eater on the run, you may find this difficult. If you always sit, you’re on your way to putting eating back in order.

Why do I ask participants to sit before they eat? Because you need to be fully aware that you are deciding to eat, and you have stopped moving in your day. Before you can put eating back in order, you need to be concretely aware of every eating occasion.

A concrete step is to sit. You know you are sitting and then you decide to eat. Think of the number of times you simply grabbed something as you ran out the door, nibbled your entire meal while preparing it, or ate mindlessly while working on a project.
And even though you are sitting when you are driving, can you possibly be aware of your hunger signals when you are focused on the road? So in addition to always sitting before you eat, it is important not to drive while you are eating.

 Take the time to enjoy your food and be aware of your hunger signals. I had a client who was always eating in the car and literally had a placemat to set on her lap when she ate! She could not believe how many times she ate when she was driving. Once she stopped eating and driving, she learned to truly enjoy her food.

When I hear, “I don’t have time to just sit and eat,” my next question is: “If you could take all the time and energy you have spent worrying about what to eat, overate, or being frustrated with your weight, would you have more time in your day? Would you then have time to sit and enjoy your eating?”

The Innergetics Process will recapture time to enjoy your food, but you first need to be fully aware of every eating occasion.

So remember, sit before you eat!
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