Still Have the Desire to Eat When Not Hungry?

Are you curious yet as to why the afternoon feels very different from the morning when you were so sure you weren’t going to overeat? Where did that  decision to not to overeat disappear to?  Who is making that choice?

Once you start the Innergetics Process, you will begin to unravel the mystery behind where this intense magnetism to eat comes from, even when you were so sure you were not going to overeat.

You may hear a voice from the past that says, “You need to clean your plate. Think of all the starving children in other countries (some heard Africa, some heard China, etc."). What did you hear? A belief may be driving you to feel bad if you don’t keep eating or leave food on your plate because you are no longer hungry. You can always put leftovers back in the refrigerator. Or, as I often tell my clients, “You are not the garbage disposal.”

Remember, when you were an infant, you had a strong desire to stop eating when you were no longer hungry. So it’s key to change that belief that didn’t value your feeling of hunger to a value-based belief that honors your own hunger signals.  As a client of mine once said, “I always wondered how my stomach (with extra weight because I kept eating beyond what I needed) helped the starving kids in other countries”! I call those thoughts non-value based beliefs because they simply do not honor your own hunger signals.

Do you want to know how many other beliefs are hiding inside you, driving you to continue eating when you are no longer hungry? You will discover so much information when you sign up for the Innergetics Course!
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