A Nibble Matters!

Have you ever strolled past the kitchen counter and grabbed a piece of chocolate? Or nibbled while preparing a dish? Have you grazed on samples on  your way through the grocery store? Or thought you would just slice off a bite of the brownies but not have a “real” piece. Did you nibble something to get yourself going on a project?? Or continued to eat while working on that project? Maybe you walked by someone’s desk and helped yourself to a piece of candy? Have you eaten some of your snacks while driving home from the grocery store?

What if you placed all your nibbles throughout the day on a plate?
Would there be a large amount of food or a small amount?
Would you even know?
Your body knows everything! You can’t hide from your own body!
Have you ever heard yourself saying, “This little bit won’t matter.”?

It may be why you might also be saying, “How can I possibly still have extra weight. I hardly eat anything!”

The answer: every nibble matters!
The question is: “Do you really want to know?”

In the Innergetics Process you will discover how many nibbles you consume during the day when you are not really hungry.
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